product overview



Fasatan and Fasatyl are elastic sealing foils for the connection of building structures in facade construction.

Fasatan is a vapour-permeable facade sealing membrane made of high-quality synthetic EPDM rubber. Although it keeps off water, draughts and other influences, the water vapour can diffuse out of the building structure. Fasatyl is the counterpart to Fasatan. It is used on the inside, where it is important to achieve a vapour diffusion-tight seal. The sealing membrane is made of highly elastic butyl rubber.



The Fasatan piping system is a further development of the standard Fasatan facade sealing foil.

The assembly at the usual facade systems such as Schüco, Wicona or Akotherm is noticeably facilitated by the Keder solution. A piping profile is attached to the proven Fasatan sealing foils at the factory. The fitter only has to clip the piping into the groove provided for this purpose, which holds the film in place.



Fasatan and Fasatyl Optima are sealing foils made of EPDM rubber for facades. They are equipped with the customized BOSIG self-adhesive high-tack adhesive.

This self-adhesive strip makes processing particularly time-saving and easy. No adhesive has to be applied and no flash-off time has to be observed. The special adhesive tape offers very good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and does not cause efflorescence.



The accessories include various special adhesives, cleaners, thinners and tapes for pre-assembly.

Together with the Fasatan / Fasatyl sealing tapes, we are able to offer you the all-round carefree package in the form of a complete solution.