Fasatan TFS

The Fasatan-TFS special adhesive is for window connection joints for one-sided application with universal hand press guns and subsequent filling. The adhesive is solvent-free! In addition, it adheres excellently to almost all common substrates.

Packaging unit: 600 ml bag


Fasatan TFU

Fasatan-TFU is a special adhesive for bonding Fasatan and Fasatyl to the facade. It is characterized by excellent adhesion to almost all common substrates.

Packaging unit: 600 ml bag


Fasatan TFK

Fasatan-TFK is a contact adhesive with a particularly favourable processing viscosity. It is used for adhesive bonding of waterproofing membranes to all common substrates. The adhesive is suitable for double-sided application on foil and substrate and is applied with a brush, a roller or by spraying.

Packaging unit: 5.5 kg


Fasatan Cleaner/Thinner

The Fasatan cleaner and thinner are suitable for the pre-treatment of substrates or for the removal of uncured adhesive residues.

Packaging unit: 5 l


Multiprimer for spraying

Multi Primer for Spraying – for Spraying is a ready-to-use primer for adhesion on various substrates such as plaster, concrete, aerated concrete, bricks, sand-lime bricks, PVC-hard and various metal sheets.


Butylband DS

The butyl tape DS has a two-sided adhesive surface. The tape is the secure adhesive tape for pre-assembly of our sealing membranes in window works. It adheres to almost all substrates and is therefore ideally suited for use in façade construction.